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THT assembly

THT assembly services:

  • THT assembly in lead-free technology on Seho soldering unit

  • THT assembly in lead technology on Ersa soldering unit

  • manual THT assembly on 5 stands

  • optical control with the use of Mantis microscope

  • AOI Mirtec automatic optical inspection

Additional services:

  • PCB washing and rinsing system of in ultrasound by Intersonic

  • functional tests

  • production of cable groups

  • final mechanical assembly of devices

  • applying protective coatings and filling

  • labelling

  • full logistic service – completing components, PCB, warehousing, packing, transport


We specialise in THT assembling of prototypes, small, medium and huge production series. The entire production process is carried out with due observance of ESD standards, in accordance with IEC-61340-5-1 standard and IPC-A-610 standard.

Each request is examined individually. Calculation for each request is prepared on the basis of received information.


Please provide the necessary information in order to receive a price of an assembly:

  • a list of components

  • an assembly diagram

  • size of the order

  • an expected completion date

To price the components completing service, we need the following:

  • a list of components with their parameters

  • documentation of the PCB project with the following information:

    • types and thickness of a base and copper

    • types of covering and binder technology

    • colours of a solder mask and description


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